Password Change Center
What is happening?
The Password Change Center ( is no longer available due to on-going security concerns as the tool aged.
What does this mean to me?
You will no longer be able to use Going forward please use
What do I have to do?
To be able to reset your own password there is a new tool for your to use
  • Visit this link
    • Please disregard the link that references for Jacobs CMS-US only.
  • If you have not registered your recovery options in this tool, you will need to complete your registry.
  • To successfully complete your registration your will need to setup your recovery options, by selecting “Select Verification Methods”. This will prompt you to login and then allow you to set two of the three recovery options.
  • Once complete, and when a password reset is needed, proceed to use this new self-service password reset option by selecting “Reset Jacobs Password”
For more detailed instructions please visit How to use this tool for instructions on this change password center.
What if I have a Jacobs(JADE) laptop?
Please Note: If you have a JADE workstation and you are connected to a Jacobs Network or VPN the best method to change your password is as follows:
  • Ensure you are connected to the Jacobs VPN
  • Select Change Password
  • Once password is changed press CTRL-ALT-DELETE
  • lock your computer
  • then unlock with the new password.
What are the exceptions?
Teammates and other users that do not have an email address may now use this tool; however, coordination with local service desk team may be required.
Domain Password Policy Requirements
  • The minimum password age is 24 hours
  • The maximum password age is 90 days
  • The minimum password length is 8 **If you use PeopleSoft, the maximum password length is 15 characters
  • Do not reuse existing passwords
  • Password complexity is enforced
  • At least one character from 3 of these 4 character sets: Lower Case, Upper Case, Numeric, and Special Characters
  • Cannot use part of your name in the password
  • Do not use the following characters if you use eTimecard "<,>,@, /, \,%"
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